• I love their hospitality and the way they manage the things.
  • Awsome !! I got cured and feeling so happy. Thank you doctor, No pain No pain No pain !!
  • Thank you A.R Surgery. Awesome caring and I have returned home by second day.
  • Three Cheers for Dr. Ramamoorthy. Thank you very much sir for curing me.
  • Honestly recommending from my bottom of my heart, Thank you Dr. Ramamoorthy and A.R Surgery
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About Our Centre

  • AR Surgery is one of the centers pioneering minimal access general surgery for the past 20 years
  • Its concept is based on “Ambulatory Surgical Care” where patient is admitted, operated and discharged on the same day. So it is also called “Day Care Surgery”  or “Short Stay Surgery”
  • Its one of the first centers to start laparoscopic surgery in india
  • It is know for its state of the art hi-tech work in various general surgical problems
  • AR Surgery was the first to introduce laser and stapler treatment for piles in this part of the country
  • It is known for its surgical work in Hernia with the introduction of TAPP, TEP, IPOM and other newer procedures in hernia, both open and laparoscopic surgery. It is one of the  leading Hernia Centers in India.
  • A.R Surgery is a pioneering centre in minimal access surgery for appendix, Gallstones and Uterine Problems
  • Minimal Invasive Thyroid and Breast Surgeries are done here with the use of modern instruments like Hormonic Scalpel.