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Information for Patients

  • What is mesh?
  • What is the mesh you will be using made of?
  • What is the name of the mesh you will be using?
  • In my case, is it possible to repair the hernia without mesh and if so, what is the expected risk/benefit.
  • In my case, if you repair the hernia with mesh, what is the expected risk/benefit?
  • Is there patient information that comes with the mesh product and if so, how can I obtain it?
  • What is the risk for hernia recurrence? Pain? Infection? Other complications? Do these risks change depending on the type of mesh that you use?
  • How does the operative approach you are recommending (e.g. open repair versus laparoscopic repair) affect how the mesh will be used?
  • In the future if I require a repeat operation, what information should I tell my health care providers regarding the mesh that was used and where it was placed?
  • Will the mesh show up or interfere with imaging tests such as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans?
  • What is your rate of hernia recurrence with patients like me? With mesh, without mesh?